Stay Awhile My Rosalee

She died today

I fell from squinting eyes wrenched with pain

Through ocular  lids squeezed together as if in a vice

I rolled down feverish cheeks in an attempt to make my escape

Only to fall to my own death, soaking into cotton fabric as if it were where i belonged all along

I am Wally’s tears.

She died today

I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline course through me as if hit by lightning

My outer shell began to harden and crack as I fought against this unseen force trying to over take me

The cracks began to grow, and in a matter of seconds,  it did not matter anymore

No matter how hard I tried, I could not stay together

I broke.

I shattered into thousands of tiny pieces  across the floor, as if I was thrown there in anger.

In desperation I reached for  pieces of myself. Trying to somehow pull myself together.

But the damage is done. I am broken.

I am Wally’s Heart

She died today

I shook for what seemed like hours

My body sweats like a man on a Georgia chain gang

I wrung myself together with my mirrored twin till it hurt

I am Wally’s hands

She died today

It was as if I could not control myself

I saw my brother begin to move first

Then I followed closely behind

We began a chase for first place

He and I both taking turns leading

Through hills and holes

On asphalt, grass and dirt

Searching for a place to kill the pain

I am Wally’s feet

She died today

And there was nothing we could do…


Roy Wallace Silver

If there ever was a greater man, I did not know him.

If there ever lived a wiser man,I never met him.

If there has ever been a heart more broken, I have never felt it.

If there will ever be a more joyous reunion, I can’t wait to see it.

On Dec. 18, 2011, I lost my father to cancer.  There were  several other health problems that attributed to his death, such as Diabetes and heart problems, but I think the Lymphoma is actually what took him out.  His passing is a tragedy and a celebration of heartbreak and hope of eternity yet  to come. As i begin to cope with the void that has been created in my life, my memory has started to jog, and then eventually begin to run for  miles in a full sprint. Picture after picture spread through my mind like a splinter that you just can’t reach. Each picture set in time, paints a portrait of building blocks for my life. Each step taken, a deliberate step in the right direction, guided by the hardest hands in history covered in velvet. The comfort after the correction.

Whether it was gliding through the air screaming “I’m doing it, I’m doing it! All by myslef!” Never knowing that the man running behind me, on my first bike ride, was actually holding on to the seat to steady the beast that I was conquering. Or sitting on dads knee listening to old Beach Boy’s and Johnny Cash records. Or trying desperately to escape reproach, by pretending  that I was asleep in the back of an old beat up station wagon after acting up in church.  Each memory has begun to stand out like lone penguin standing on an icy tundra.

Broken. It’s more than just a word. It’s a description of a man who did his best to stand tall and accept countless “I’m sorry for your loss”‘ statements.  Broken is a description of a man who lost the person who taught him to be a man. It describes the feeling a man gets when he shaves every morning and remembers his first stroke of a razor, while his father spoke encouraging words. Broken describes me.  Feeling lost in a whirlwind of questions that have no answers. I miss you dad….

If there ever was a greater man, I did not know him.

If there ever lived a wiser man,I never met him.

If there has ever been a heart more broken, I have never felt it.

If there will ever be a more joyous reunion, I can’t wait to see it.

I love you dad.

A word on “Scarecrow”

Ok, so I have had several people ask me after shows…”what is Scarecrow about?” So, to clear this up just a little bit, allow me to explain.

First and foremost our songs are to be interpereted however you would like.  That’s what music is all about.  It makes you want to cry, sing, run, or whoop someones ass.  “Music is what feelings sound like”.  With that said, our hope as songwriters/musicians,  is that you will feel what we felt when we wrote it.

Keeping these things in mind, Scarecrow is really a question.  It’s a question of the Deity of Christ.  In simple form, is He God or is He just a Scarecrow.  If he is God. Then he has the power to save all of mankind from themselves through dieing on a cross, spending 3 days in Hell to atone for our sins, and then rising from the grave on the third day.  However, if He is not God, then He is merely a Scarecrow stuck out in a field of humanity scaring us all into church on Sunday for fear of spending an eternity burning in Hell.